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Published September 24. 2021 2:07PM 

Twenty-seven states, including Connecticut, have legalized sports betting now or will shortly. This affords many people who have not engaged in gambling on sports the opportunity to enjoy this entertainment. Approximately 80% of Americans have gambled at some point in their lives. Between 20%-30% of Americans gamble regularly. Gambling does not cause problems for most people. Some quit if they lose money while others set limits to how much they will lose, then stop.
The rush of adrenaline associated with gambling stimulates the mind. The strength of this desire for more stimulation can lead some people to continue to gamble regardless of the negative consequences. This compulsive gambling disorder is characterized by increasing the amount of money bet to recoup losses; losing time at work resulting in termination; being preoccupied with gambling; destroying personal relationships; and stealing in order to gamble.
People at risk of developing a gambling problem include people who abuse alcohol and other drugs; have friends who gamble; and use certain medications, such as dopamine agonists.
Regarding people who gamble approximately 12% of adolescents, 16% of college students, and 6% of adults have a gambling disorder. Education is vital to inform people, especially adolescents and college students, of the pros and cons associated with gambling, allowing folks to make informed choices.
C. Kevin Synnott
Dept. of Business Administration, Management and Marketing
Eastern Connecticut State University
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