State Board of Education to hear about how COVID impacting students –

Graphic reading: KDE News, Kentucky Department of Education

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BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho State Board of Education will have a COVID-19-related meeting Friday afternoon.

The board will get an update on the recent delta variant surge from Dr. Kathryn Turner, Idaho’s Deputy State Epidemiologist, from higher education leaders about mitigation responses on campuses and from the executive director of the Idaho School Administrators Association on K-12 operations and disruptions.

Last week, IDHW enacted crisis standards of care at hospitals statewide to help manage the onslaught of new COVID-19 patients. The surge is expected to peak next month.

The special meeting starts at 4 p.m. MT and is for information purposes only. The board will not take any actions.

The meeting will be streamed live in this story and on our YouTube channel.

The meeting agenda is posted on the State Board of Education website.
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