Free caregiver education resources through Oregon Care Partners – SEIU 503

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Oregon Care Partners is a free, high-quality caregiver education resource. Since 2014, Oregon Care Partners has helped caregivers build the knowledge and skills needed to improve the quality of life of older adults and people living with Alzheimer’s in Oregon. Standardized, evidence-based curriculum is accessible to anyone living or working in Oregon at no cost thanks to funding by the State of Oregon and the partnership and support of SEIU Local 503 and other organizations who share a vision and concern for the quality of care of older adults across the state.
Free classes can reduce caregiving related stress by helping caregivers feel confident and prepared to create more positive outcomes in any care setting. Current learning opportunities include weekly instructor-led webinars and more than 100 online classes that can be started when it’s most convenient. Create a free account at to start learning about these topics and more:
Oregon Care Partners is an automatically approved sponsor ALF and endorsed Memory Care administrator and Adult Foster Home APD, AMH, and DD provider credits by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Safety, Oversight, and Quality Unit. Credits are not currently available to Home Care Workers, Personal Support Workers, or In Home Care Agencies, however, the information provided can benefit caregivers working and providing care in any of these settings.
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