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For the third consecutive school year, the rhythms of our schools are being disrupted by a global pandemic — a pandemic that has laid bare existing inequities across almost every relevant metric. What are your concerns as you start the year? What are the learning challenges you’re worried about, or the leadership dilemmas you are facing? How are schools supporting students, educators, and families as they reacclimate — and in many cases, as they manage the fallout of significant losses? 
A panel of Harvard education experts surface key challenges and concerns for educators, leaders, and families — and share concrete ideas for addressing them, with equity at the center. What the pandemic revealed, and how can we meet everyone where they are today, and move forward?
“The nature of relationships among the adults within a school has a greater influence on the character and quality of that school and on student accomplishment than anything else. If the relationships between administrators and teachers are trusting, generous, helpful, and cooperative, then the relationships between teachers and students, between students and students, and between teachers and parents are likely to be trusting, generous, helpful, and cooperative. If, on the other hand, relationships between administrators and teachers are fearful, competitive, suspicious, and corrosive, then these qualities will disseminate throughout the school community.” – Roland Barth, founder of The Principals’ Center at HGSE, shared by Mary Grassa O’Neill
A608 After Hours Podcast
Experts in education and public health came together to discuss ways districts, schools, and families can put health first when navigating this complex school year.
Three experts explore the notion of resilience from a variety of perspectives, offering helpful insight into how to sustain ourselves through challenging times.

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