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On Thursday the MDE published the statewide results from the 2020-21 Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP).
JACKSON, Miss. (WTVA) – The state department of education (MDE) says the pandemic greatly impacted statewide assessment scores.
On Thursday the MDE published the statewide results from the 2020-21 Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP).
MAAP measures student performances in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics in grades 3-8 and in English II (high school) and Algebra I (high school).
For the first time since MAAP tests were first administered in 2016, student proficiency decreased in math and ELA.
Students were last tested in 2019 and reached an all-time high level of proficiency in math and ELA, according to the MDE.
Since then, statewide levels fell in all grades except grade 8 ELA, which increased by 0.1%.

  • In math, there was a 12.3% decrease from 2019’s score (47.4%) to 2021’s score (35.1%).
  • In ELA, there was a 6.7% decrease from 2019 (41.6%) to 2021 (34.9%).

Due to COVID disruptions, third-grade students were not required to meet a passing score on the reading assessment to be promoted to fourth grade. However, they still had to meet all other district requirements for promotion.
The same went for high school students in Algebra I, English II, Biology and U.S. History.
“The disruption and stress caused by COVID-19 has had an impact on student performance in every state in the country and the impact has been more marked in mathematics than in English Language Arts,” Mississippi State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey Wright said. “I am proud of the way Mississippi students, families, teachers and school leaders persevered through the most challenging school year of their lives.”
Before the pandemic, statewide scores increased every year since MAAP tests were first administered in 2016. According to the MDE, by 2019, Mississippi had become a national leader in education because students were making faster progress than nearly every other state.
“This year establishes a new baseline for statewide assessments,” Wright said. “As the world moves to recover from the pandemic, I am confident Mississippi students will progress just as rapidly as they did before.”
Thursday’s results also included the participation rates for the tests. The overall rate was 96.9%, close to the 98%-99% rates of previous years, per MDE.
Open the links below to view the results for each school and district.
Note: The test results are scored on a Level 1-5 table, from lowest to highest scores.

Data is updated nightly.

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